PPI Claims

The amount of PPI claims being processed are at an all time low thanks in no part to a widespread understanding by the public that miselling had taken place.

A great many appeals have been processed and millions reclaimed so far. Though if you have only just realised that you can repeal a payment protection insurance policy payment, do not worry it is not too late.

In fact, you can make a claim against a bank or building society where you held a form of repayment account for as far back as when PPI was first instigated.

There is a common misconception amongst the general public that the older the institution, the less likely you are to be taken advantage of.


When the truth of the matter is, that these banks and building societies simply find new ways to extract a form of payment. Innovative insurance cover isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However on this occasion it has been judged by the courts to have been a practice of miselling. Enabling you to claim back part or all of an amount paid.

The important thing is not to feel bad about previous decision making, or feel wronged because you were ill advised.

Turn that bad feeling into something proactive and make a series of PPI claims and claim your money back. Money which is rightfully yours. We are at the forefront in dealing with the fallout of the PPI scandal, having claimed back sums of money that many homeowners and previous loan policyholders have put to good use. Investing, purchasing a car or reinvesting in their property.

PPI Claim

Can you really claim that much from a PPI claim? In reality, yes. The calculation is dependent on the sums involved. In the main £1 of PPIis paid per £100 of loan. Whether a mortgage or a loan agreement is neither here nor there. In effect you could claim back £1 for every £100 of a £10,000 loan. Tally this over a period of five years, even on a decreasing balance and the sums due to be repaid can turn any bad feeling into an happy one. It is highly likely that you will receive an interest payment on any returned monies also.

It is worth noting that there are many hurdles that need to be carefully negotiated before a successful PPI claim and appeal can be termed as a win.

Underwriters, brokers and the banks and building societies all need to be contacted to ensure your claim is solid. You will also need to supply all related PPI documents to make any appeal easier.

There are three separate stages to overcome. Our first task is to present the PPI case to the company that you first dealt with. No matter their argument, we are determined to get a result.

How To Claim PPI

Should they decline to pay back, we can apply to the Financial Ombudsman to have your case reviewed. There are two such appeal stages. If the first is negative and we feel it was an incorrect decision, we will make one final attempt to claw back your misappropriated PPI payments.

The good news is, we handle all of this on your behalf. Discussions with brokers, underwriters and banks and writing letters and making telephone calls are all handled by our experienced personnel.

PPI Claim Form

No charge is levied for opening a PPI claim, we do all the hard work initially for free. Please complete our quick enquiry form and we will call at your earliest convenience and discuss each stage and what happens should you win your PPI claims appeal.